Top Features of the myChevrolet Mobile App

The myChevrolet mobile app helps you connect with your Chevy vehicle like never before. From remote commands, vehicle management assistance, and resources to assistance with road trip planning and driving habit monitoring, the myChevrolet mobile app offers technological conveniences to modern road warriors.

To download this versatile app, use your compatible Apple or Android device and go to Google Play or the App Store. Have your OnStar Owner Center credentials on hand to complete set up.

Remote Commands allow you to secure your vehicle by locking the doors remotely. Unlocking is a remote command, too, along with firing up or stopping your car’s engine. If properly equipped, you can utilize the app to blare the horn. You won’t misplace your car ever again, as the app can pinpoint it on a map. The Vehicle Locate tab of the Remote Commands allows boundary warnings.

You’ll know how well or not well your Chevy is performing when you access the app’s Vehicle Management section. Curious about recalls? Need to schedule a maintenance check? Unsure how to operate some of your car’s features? All these questions and more are easily answered with the app. The app even allows you a remote update on your vehicle’s important stats, such as tire pressure, oil quality, and how much fuel you have left.

Road trip planning or just simple navigation details for day-to-day is easily accessed in the app’s Owner Resources section. The section also monitors your driving habits, and good driving behaviors could earn you money-saving rewards on your car insurance.

To learn more about the myChevrolet mobile app, stop in for a visit here at Lannan Chevrolet of Woburn.

myChevrolet Mobile App
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